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Hi! I'm zed helper, what can I assist you with?

Hi! I'm zed helper, what can I assist you with?
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  • We dream big

    Naguib Sawiris Chairman
  • We design to make a difference and bring happiness

    Naguib Sawiris Chairman
  • We embrace creativity, innovation, sustainability and harmony

    Naguib Sawiris Chairman
  • We are more than developers

    Naguib Sawiris Chairman
spark happiness

Creating spaces for happiness whereas space = An opportunity.

We don’t promise happiness but we promise to offer something that triggers it and it’s up to you how that would evolve.

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Prime Tower

Happy to announce the premium launch of an exclusive first timer “Prime Towers” in ZED El-Sheikh Zayed. Explore and live this unique experience.

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165 acres of luxurious real estate embracing the one of kind Zayed Central Park in its heart. Ora Developers brings you ZED El-Sheikh Zayed, the destination in the west. Every space at ZED is a vantage point to spectacular views immersed in immaculately landscaped greenery. 165 feddans of walkable, mixed-use beauty with every detail designed to perfection and world class finishing. Wherever you are at ZED, just look around and there’s always something to bring you happiness. It is an entire destination created exclusively to be the first step in springboard of your own journey towards Happiness.

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